Working with Backing Tracks

Working with Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are critical for some performance situations. In the past those sweetener tracks were locked in tempo and the band was forced to follow a click to stay syncd. Those days are gone.

Muséik can drive your backing tracks and deliver the signal to any audio output in the hall. Plus, you get two different playback options:

1. Set it and forget it. Find your preferred tempo during sound check, set the Tempo Slider and save your show as a .json file. Then, when that number comes up in the playlist and you load the files in Muséik, the program will remember your tempo. Hands-free, easy, and completely tempo-flexible.

2. Sync by beat. If you want complete freedom from the click, simply treat Muséik like another instrument on stage. So long as somebody is managing the Tempo Slider, you are free to make any tempo adjustment you want in real time and your backing tracks will follow. Want to boost the tempo during the verse? Or do an extra-big ritard in the final chorus? No problem!
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