Overview of Video Sync Features

Overview of Video Sync Features

Muséik was designed by musicians, for musicians. So its not really an accident that when you "play" a film inside the platform you will feel as if you are playing a musical instrument.

Muséik may be easy and intuitive on the outside, but its video capabilities under the hood pack a real punch. It will drive video content up to a 4K resolution with no stutter, buffering or latency. It also has onboard projection settings and quickly connects to external projection mapping platforms or image splitters to give you complete flexibility in how and where you want to project.


* Up to 4K resolution

* Flexible aspect ratio

* Play/Pause/Stop controls

* Tempo slider to control playback speed

* Fade slider

* Quick scrubber

* Offset Tempo control for aggressive playback speed adjustments

* 8 Media bays

* Stop, Loop and Continue options 

* User defined Track and Concert Notes

* Ability to save entire shows as .json file

* Fully MIDI compatible

* Fit to Screen, Fill Screen, and Stretch to Fill Screen options

* Invert image horizontally or vertically

*Toggle on/off render score and render preview window

* Clear Cache function
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