The Rink Scene (40042V)

The Rink Scene (40042V)

Film: 40042V The Rink Scene (Chaplin) | Music: The Rink (Scott)

No cuts in the score.

Between bars 25 and 31 the Muséik operator may have some challenges keeping a perfect sync. In this section there are multiple tempo changes in the music and several important sync points.

Our recommendation is to make an audio recording of your ensemble’s performance and practice the challenging section to that recording. Once the Muséik operator is familiar with the tempo choices of his or her ensemble it is quite possible to bend the film to match.

Because this section is quite challenging, we also recommend that the ensemble do its best to match the written tempi, especially the meno mosso in bar 26 and 36.

Also, please note that the score in the Ion media file includes fermatas. These fermatas have been removed from the performance score and should not be performed.
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