Planning Guide: The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci (Hagen) 70094

Planning Guide: The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci (Hagen) 70094


Composer: Jocelyn Hagen
Score Available From: Graphite Publishing
Instrumentation: SATB Chorus with Full Orchestra (  /  /   timp.3perc  / hp  /  str) or Chamber Orchestra (  /  /  timp.2perc  /  pn.hp  / str)
Duration: 40 minutes
Multimedia Assets: Synchronized Film (required)


"The Notebook of Leonardo DaVinci" (Ion Sku 70094) is a film that accompanies Jocelyn Hagen's composition of the same name. Score and parts are available through Graphite Publishing, the film is distributed through Ion Concert Media. The film is a required component for performance. The film is available in 1920x1080 format.  There are no digital audio components for this work.


Sync Solution.  Muséik is the exclusive synchronizing technology for The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. Muséik allows the digital media to follow live tempo in real time. Please see other Knowledge Base articles to learn more about the technology. If you have not used Muséik in the past, please allow 4-6 weeks minimum for technical planning. You will not need all of this time, but it is much better to stay ahead of schedule than to be forced to rush things the week of your concert.

Video. The presenting organization is responsible for arranging projectors and display surfaces. Please consult with your local AV rental service to determine proper sizes for screens and projectors. 

Equipment Rental. Ion Concert Media has a small inventory of production equipment available for rent including signal converters, signal boosters, video wall controllers, and video switchers. These items are available to our customers at low weekly rental rates. Rental of the equipment also includes support from the Ion Support Team. To search our available equipment navigate to the SHOP page at and then select "Equipment Rental" in the available filters.


Adding digital media to your performance is a big decision and one that requires ample planning. We recommend the following timeline to ensure your project goes smoothly.

6-8 weeks From Performance
1. Go to and navigate to the Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci product page.
2. About halfway down the page you will see a "CLICK HERE" link that will take you to our Exhibition Agreement.  Complete this form and submit it.
3. Add the synchronized video to your cart.
4. Navigate to the Muséik software page simply (type Museik in the search bar to locate it).  Select the version of the software you desire (Mac or Windows) and add it to your cart.
5. Check out.
6. Download the software and the Show Files to your hard drive.
7. Next you need to select a Muséik operator. Someone with modest music reading skills and who is comfortable with computers is a good candidate.  This individual will need to take responsibility for installing the program, learning the program, and performing the Show Files in rehearsal and the performance.  Muséik is not hard to learn - school children across America learn it within 15-20 minutes - but a successful screening of this 40 minute work requires proficiency on the platform.
8. Connect us with your Muséik operator by email.
9 Connect us with your hall technical director by email.

4-6 Weeks From Performance
1. We will provide one-to-one training on the Muséik platform for your operator. We can also assist with installation and set-up. This work is often done over Zoom.
2. We will schedule a planning meeting with your tech crew to determine the best cabling and equipment plan.

 2-4 Weeks From Performance   
1. Your Muséik operator should begin to practice their part on their own and look for opportunities to attend a few ensemble rehearsals.
2. The main show computer should be tested in your hall with the cabling that will be used for the performance.
4. A second, back-up computer should be secured. Museik and the Show Files should be installed on it.

Dress Rehearsal
Tech load-in should be scheduled AT LEAST three hours before rehearsal begins; preferably the day before, if possible. You should use the exact equipment and the exact set-up that will be used in performance. We provide 24-hour phone and text tech support for dress rehearsal and the concert.

Museik is not difficult and has been designed to make rehearsals and the performance easier for everybody.  But for this to happen the prep work needs to be done according to the timeline above. It is no fun to arrive for dress rehearsal and learn that the signal is not sending. And it is downright terrifying to run the software the first time with no previous rehearsal time.