Planning Guide: Symphony VI: Blue Marble (Giroux) 90079

Planning Guide: Symphony VI: Blue Marble (Giroux) 90079


Composer: Julie Giroux
Score Available From: Julie Giroux or Musica Propria
Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble or Full Orchestra (coming soon)
Duration: 35 minutes
Multimedia Assets: Synchronized Film (optional) and Digital Audio (required)


"Blue Marble" (Ion Sku 90079) is a film with audio that accompanies Julie Giroux's composition of the same name. Score and parts are available through Musica Propria, the film and digital audio files are distributed through Ion Concert Media. The film is an optional component for performance; the audio files are required.

The film is available in two formats:  single screen and three-screen.  The single screen format includes one 1920x1080 image to be projected for the audience.  The three-screen version is the same content, but formatted to be screened across three 1920x1080 display surfaces.  The content on the three screens is not the same.

Three-screen production. El Paso Winds, Dr. Bradley Genevro conducting.
The audio files include both sound effects and backing tracks, all of which are required for performance.  The audio files can be driven through the Muséik software even if the film is not being screened.

Movement 1:  Backing tracks. Highly rhythmic, a precise sync with the live performance is required.
Movement 2: Sound effects that are available in a standard L/R stereo configuration or in a 4-channel immersive surround sound configuration.
Movement 3: Sound effects in a standard L/R stereo audio configuration.


Sync Solution.  Muséik is the exclusive synchronizing technology for Blue Marble. Muséik allows the digital media to follow live tempo in real time. Please see other Knowledge Base articles to learn more about the technology. If you have not used Muséik in the past, please allow 4-6 weeks minimum for technical planning. You will not need all of this time, but it is much better to stay ahead of schedule than to be forced to rush things the week of your concert.

Video. The presenting organization is responsible for arranging projectors and display surfaces. Please consult with your local AV rental service to determine proper sizes for screens and projectors. 

Audio. Stereo L/R audio can be delivered to your house audio quite simply through Muséik. See other articles in the Knowledge Base regarding the audio functionalities of Muséik. If your production will use the immersive surround sound audio in movement two an audio mixing board with four channels of both input and output are required.  Please consult directly with the team at Ion Concert Media for detailed specs. 

Three-Screen Production. To produce Blue Marble with three screens there are several special considerations. First, it must be determined how and where three display surfaces can be located in the performance venue. Physically hanging three screens with three projectors is an option. We recommend the three screens be hung at equal heights. The center screen should be the same size or larger than the two side screens.

The distance between screens is flexible, but they generally should be spaced between zero to 6 feet apart. Be sure to consider both size and location of the screens and the placement of your projectors when exploring this option.  Alternatively, the film works quite well using a single projector to project all three screens across one display surface.  Most often this surface is a syc curtain hung at the back wall of the stage, but it might also be a sound shell or a blank wall. Whatever the surface, you must remember that the image projected will be extremely wide and narrow (see the image at right). It will not work well to project it on any surface less than about 50 feet in width. The dimensions of the three screen video are 5760x1080.

Three-screen productions that uses three different projectors (or LED screens) will require a video wall controller to split the signal between the three output sources. You may check with your local AV rental company to source a video wall controller locally. We have found many of the units available for rent are quite expensive and complicated. Our preferred solution is the Matrox QuadHead2Go, a small and simple video wall controller that is as close to "plug and play" as you will find. Ion Concert Media owns one of these units and makes it available to our customers at a low weekly rental rate. See "EQUIPMENT RENTAL" below.

NEW: Scenting. Ion Concert Media is proud to partner with ScentEvents to offer a live event scenting optional component for your production of Blue Marble. During the second movement of the work you can now make your hall smell like a tropical rainforest. The scenting product is a natural, oil-based fragrance that can be deployed in your hall several ways. Past productions that have used the product have found it to be quite friendly to both scent-sensitive audience members and the local fire codes. The combination of music, visual, sound effects AND scent can make an extremely powerful audience experience. Please talk with us directly if you are interested in exploring this unique immersive feature,


Score and parts are available from Musica Propria. FIlm and audio files are available from Ion Concert Media. To order the film and audio files:
2. Click the link to the Exhibition Agreement. Complete the form and submit it.
3. Back on the product page, select the version of the film you require and add it to your cart.
4. If you do not already have the Muséik software, navigate to the Muséik product page and add it to your cart. You can select either the Mac or Windows version of the software, but remember that Blue Marble is a Mac only product.
5. Go to Checkout and complete the order process.
6. Once we have your order and submitted Exhibition Agreement we will send you the Show Files through a file transfer service; they are not available for immediate download on our site. The Muséik software can be downloaded directly from our site once your order is complete.
7. The Blue Marble Show Files will ship with a license expiration date approximately two weeks after your scheduled performance. If you need extra time with the files please let us know.


Ion Concert Media has a small inventory of production equipment available for rent including signal converters, signal boosters, video wall controllers, and video switchers. These items are available to our customers at low weekly rental rates. Rental of the equipment also includes support from the Ion Support Team. To search our available equipment navigate to the SHOP page at and then select "Equipment Rental" in the available filters.