Loading Show Files into Muséik

Loading Show Files into Muséik

Once you have Muséik installed on your computer and your Show File(s) downloaded to the same hard drive you will need to load your media into the platform. 

To do this we first need to store the Show File(s) in the proper location.
  1. Check to make sure that your files are uncompressed (they should not end in a .zip extension, the file name should end with .ion.
  2. Make sure you are working with the Show File and not a folder.  Some of our products ship inside of a folder with several items. That folder may be named the same as your Show File and this can cause confusion. One good way to tell is that folders contain just the title of the Show File while all of our actual Show Files include the product ID number (i.e. 40035V_PicturesatanExhibition). 
  3. Go to your file directory and inside your Documents folder double click on a folder called Museik.  Inside that folder you will see another folder called Library. Double click on the Library folder to open it.
  4. Move all your Show Files to the Library folder. The file path should be: User/Documents/Museik/Library. Muséik will only recognize media files stored in this Library folder. If they are not stored here you will get the invalid license error when you try to open them.
  5. Inside the Muséik interface there are eight media bays, each labeled "ADD TRACK".  Click on the text "ADD TRACK" in the top media bay. A file directory (Windows) or the Finder (Mac) will pop up. Navigate to User/Documents/ Museik/Library. Your Show Files should appear in the Library folder. Click on the file you want to load and then click "OPEN".
  6. Now the "ADD TRACK" text has changed to reflect the title of your Show File. You have successfully linked that file to that particular media bay. Next we need to load the file into the software.
  7. To the left of the media bay (populated with the title of your Show File) there is a small circle. Click on it. A progress bar will appear as the software unlocks your media license. Once that is done the circle will turn white and the music score will appear in the top window in your interface.
  8. Press the space bar to begin playing the media.

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