Havana Nights (90046VS)

Havana Nights (90046VS)

Film: 90046VS Havana Nights (Winters) | Music: Havana Nights (Standridge)

Performance Tips

The film begins with a title screen. Play until the end of the grey Safety, then pause the video until the ensemble’s first downbeat. At 170 through 176 it may be hard to keep the video syncd. The video file has been built to be flexible during this section. It may be advisable to get ahead of the ensemble a few beats and hit pause at the grey Safety in Bar 176. The upbeat into Bar 177 is an important sync point. The sweetener track has been edited to remove some parts between Bar 170 and 176 to make the Muséik operator’s job easier.


  1. Tracks 1 & 2: Synthesizer and Percussion
  2. Tracks 3 & 4: Full Band Audio
  3. Tracks 5 & 6: Click Track
  4. Tracks 7 & 8: Lighting Cues
All audio tracks are optional and can be muted inside the Muséik software.

The Ion Show File for this film comes with optional audio lighting cues on audio tracks 7 & 8. These audio cues can be sent to the light booth to create a fully synchronized an immersive light show along with the music and video.

The cues included can be used to develop your own light plot and color plan. Suggested design ideas are provided below. Any cue can be skipped or altered to accommodate your hall, available equipment, and desired effect.

Optional Lighting Plan

CUE 1 (bar 1): Regular concert lighting
CUE 2 (bar 5): Add a downspot on the soloist
CUE 3 (bar 17): Deep purple wash
CUE 4 (bar 34): White wash
CUE 5 (bar 43): Add disco lights, GOBOS, or follow
CUE 6 (bar 56): Subdued blue wash
CUE 7 (bar 80): Subdued yellow wash
CUE 8 (bar 94 beat 4): White wash
CUE 9 (bar 110 beat 3): Deep purple wash
CUE 10 (bar 124): Add disco lights, or GOBOS
CUE 11 (bar 140): Subdued yellow wash
CUE 12 (bar 158): Bright white wash
spots; party atmosphere
CUE 13 (bar 170): Subdued blue wash
CUE 14 (bar 177): Bright white