Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (60088V)

Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (60088V)

Film: 60088V Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (Ion) | Music: Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (Whitacre)

This film is designed to be used in connection with live actors and modest stage props. The information included in this document is intended as suggestions, not a final production concept. Feel free to revise, edit, or even discard these suggestions and create your own concept(s).

1. The film includes opportunities to include live actors:
      a. A crowd
      b. An Elvis army
      c. Godzilla
      d. The Sphinx
2. Audience participation is encouraged with on-screen prompts.
3. We suggest including some modest props and costumes:
      a. A Godzilla suit (the blow-up kind works very well)
      b. A Sphinx costume
      c. Multiple Elvis costumes
      d. Foam balls or ball pit balls for the audience to throw.


BEGINNING: Add chasing follow spots around the hall.
REHEARSAL A: Place a few of the brass, saxes, and drum set out in front of the band, seated in a traditional jazz band formation (with big band jazz stands?). Add downlighting to highlight the band during this section.
REHEARSAL B: Repeat downlighting to highlight the downstage dance band.
REHEARSAL C: Downstage dance band members get up and mill around as if on break, then move to their seats within the regular band.
BAR 63: “Crowd” filters on stage, look up at video screen and react. The screams at BAR 66 and BAR 72 could be entire “Crowd.”
REHEARSAL D: “Crowd” suddenly breaks into dance.
REHEARSAL E: “Crowd” screams before REHEARSAL E, then runs off stage in fear of monster.
REHEARSAL L: Elvis Army marches onstage.
BAR 190: Elvis Army performs a kick-line at the lip of the stage.
REHEARSAL M: Elvis Army screams, then runs off stage in fear of monster.
REHEARSAL N: Sphinx character enters and performs a dance.
BAR 221: Godzilla character joins the Sphinx onstage (carrying a rose to giver her?).
REHEARSAL O: Godzilla and Sphinx dance a tango on stage.
BAR 238: Elvis Army re-enters the hall and distributes ball pit balls to the audience. Godzilla and Sphinx remain onstage.
REHEARSAL P: Audience and Elvis Army throw balls at Godzilla character.


1. Use stand lights. Keep the hall and stage lighting to a minimum to maximize the video effect.
2. Use colored uplights directed at architectural features in the hall.
3. Add gobos (palm trees, moon & stars, martini glass, etc).
4. Add a disco ball effect throughout the hall.
Opening: Dark. Chasing follow spots.
REHEARSAL A: Subdued blue lighting. Blue uplights on architectural hall features. Palm tree, moon, star, martini glass, or other gobos projected around hall. Downspot on downstage dance band.
BAR 28: Switch to subdued red lighting. Gobos off. Red flashing ‘alarm’ lighting.
REHEARSAL B: Switch back to blue lighting, gobos, and band downspot. BAR 39: Switch to red lighting, no gobos, downpot off.
REHEARSAL C: Keep red lighting. Add onstage streetlight prop to suggest the back alley outside the hall.
BAR 59: Still red lighting. Add white light flash to mimic explosion.
BAR 65: Red lighting quick out. Go to minimal hall lighting, downspot on “Crowd”.
REHEARSAL D: Strobe lights, disco lights, downspot or follow spot on “Crowd.”
REHEARSAL E: End stobe, disco lighting.
REHEARSAL G: Minimal stage and hall lighting to emphasize film.
BAR 156: Slow fade to black.
BAR 166: Red lighting from BAR 28 returns.
REHEARSAL L: Hall lights up a bit, follow spots on Elvi Army as it enters from the back of the hall. Military gobos projected around hall.
BAR 190: Disco ball, red lighting. Bright flashing spots around hall. REHEARSAL M: Minimal lighting with downspot on Elvi Army downstage. Focus goes to film.
REHEARSAL N: Bathe hall in red lights.
REHEARSAL P: Hall lights up a bit, white lighting. Follow spot on Godzilla. Bright flashes during “battle”
BAR 274: Slow fade to black.
REHEARSAL Q: Blue lighting and gobos from REHEARSAL A.
BAR 287: Chasing follow spots
REHEARSAL R: Red lighting

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