Energetically Yours (80140VE)

Energetically Yours (80140VE)

Film: 80140VE Energetically Yours (Transfilm Inc) | Music: Ronald Searle Suite (Murray)

The film requires several cuts in the score (Ronald Searle Suite by Lyn Murray, orch. Frederick Steiner, published by Novello and Co. Ltd.):
  1. Do not take the repeat marking in Movement IX: Whale
  2. Do not play the measures starting 2 measures after Rehearsal 44 to Rehearsal 46.
  3. Do not play the measures starting 1 measure before Rehearsal 48 to 3 measures before Rehearsal 49.
Audio Track Directory:
Channel 1: Narration and Main SFX
Channel 2: Whale Eye Whistle at Rehearsal 32
Channel 3: Door Bell two bars before Rehearsal 46
Channel 4: Bugle Call before the key change after Rehearsal 49

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