Problem with Loading Program: Muséik Does Not Work

Problem with Loading Program: Muséik Does Not Work

Sometimes (very rarely) when you open Muséik or try to play a file it will not work. The problem can be fairly random:

1) the score window not populating (it will appear either white or grey), or
2) nothing happens when you press the Playlist load circle.

This is a known issue in Muséik 3.0 and as of 5/1/2022 we are still working to identify the cause.

REMEDY: Close Muséik and re-open it. It may take several tries to get a successful open. After a successful re-open the software will be stable and operational for the rest of your session. If re-starting the program does not work try re-starting your computer.

BEST PRACTICE: In the middle of rehearsal or in performance you don't want the software to slow you down. Get in the habit of opening Muséik, loading files, and testing each file by hitting Play before the rehearsal or performance begins.