Finder Freezes

Finder Freezes

In the past few weeks we have become aware of a bug in Muséik 3.0.2 on Mac computers that causes the Finder to freeze when it is accessed from inside the program.

The two scenarios where we have seen the bug present are:
1) when loading a .ion Show File into a Media Bay and
2) when making changes to the filepath in the SETTINGS window.

In both scenarios the user is required to make a selection in Finder and then click the OPEN button inside a Finder window. When the OPEN button is clicked nothing happens and it appears to the user that the program has frozen.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION:  In each instance we have seen the solution has been to move the mouse into the main software interface and click into the program. Once this is done the Finder window closes and the intended change takes effect in the program.  Users that experience this bug are asked to ignore the "frozen" screen and click back into the program to exit the Finder window. This method can be done repeatedly in cases where several Show Files need to be loaded into Media Bays.

This bug does not appear to present in the Windows version of the software. On Mac computers where the bug appears the program has been otherwise completely stable and able to be used in performance. 

As always, we are working to eliminate this bug. Any future updates, including the announcement of a permanent fix, will be posted to this thread.